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3 Coffee Tables with Fire

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Sometimes it can be enough that things were just beautiful and functional. Everyone wants to have a thing in the house that would become the envy of friends and would make a dull life easier and more fun. Have you ever seen a combination of a fireplace and a coffee table? Advances in technology and interior design created conditions for the emergence of modern models of tables- fireplaces with original design and functionality.

3 Modern Coffee Tables with Fire

“Too much” coffee table by Amarist studio

“Too much” coffee table by Amarist studio

Too much

Designers invented a model of a coffee table, where you can use not only to have a cup of tea or coffee, but at the same time to warm tea, cook a meal or roast marshmallows. Here, the “fuel” became the 50 euro banknotes.

“Too much” is a so-called new coffee table, designed by Amarist studio jointly with an artist Alejandro Monge. Thousands of banknotes, located in the middle of the table inside a glass cube, are slowly smoldering. This original installation encourages people to think about the importance of money and the transience of life.

Of course, the cube is filled with fake banknotes. Artist Alejandro Monge scrupulously inflicted “money” pattern on each piece of paper. According to the author, the greatest challenge in this project was to achieve the effect of burning money. In reality, the money did not even burn. A capacity with a special biofuels is installed at the top of the cube, which is consumed during the operation of such a huge candle.

Fire Table

Fire Table is a part of the collection of the British design company Fuego. The unit is designed specifically for use in the room, as it provides maximum protection from technical incidents involving fire. Flame is supported by a special alcohol gel, which does not emit smoke and odor. The table has a defense mechanism that protects against fire, so designers could use even wood (walnut or oak) in the bottom of the table. The upper part is made of handmade granite.


Spanish Kettal factory specializes in the manufacture of garden furniture. The company  introduced a new collection of decorative items for the garden and leisure areas called ZigZag Fire jointly with designers from Emiliana Design Studio. The idea of ​​the collection is zigzag polylines, recreating the energy of fire.

The ZigZag collection contains a coffee table, an ottoman, flower pots and porcelain oil lamps. The coffee table is transformed into a fireplace or barbecue by simple manipulations. We need only to remove the cover.

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