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10 Best Kitchens from Eurocucina

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Got boring of old kitchen? We would like to show you wonderful kitchens from Eurocucina exhibition, which takes place every two years during the Milan furniture fair. We chose 10 most relevant samples of kitchen furniture. Each of them has it own unique feature.

10 Best Kitchens from Eurocucina Exhibition in Milan

Cover kitchen by Aran

Cover kitchen by Aran


Until now, the fastest way to update your kitchen furniture was changing kitchen facades without changing the inside parts. Now everything has become even simpler. Cover kitchen offers the set of stickers with which you can change its appearance every day.


AV6000 model from the Systemat collection illustrates new hobby of kitchen designers – they now enjoy designing furniture with rounded shapes. Not only the island, but the whole storage system is also round.


Modern kitchens are able to dissolve in the interior. Now it is turn for the classic kitchens.  The first formal model of Provasi (earlier the manufacture made ​​ only custom kitchens) is a set of built-in cabinets, which hide the cooking area inside.

Veneta Cucine

The kitchen from the Tablet collection is made in different styles. There are smooth modern facades, covered with colored lacquer, combined with classic paneled doors.


Designer Alfredo Haeberle has developed a collection of colored modules that are compatible with all models of this brand of kitchens.


An island, which is more like a workbench is in the Convivio collection, which also includes sideboards, all kinds of tables and sofas. This proves once again that the line between cooking and living area has become very thin.


The updated Flux Swing model looks futuristic, marking a new era in interior design. Furniture for the kitchen and the living room is now a single entity.

Armani Dada

To truly see all the advantages of the minimalist Slide model, it is necessary to test it in practice. Its main feature is a system that allows you to move the huge marble countertop of the kitchen island with a single motion, as well as the patented doors’ opener.


It’s not even a kitchen. It is the application to it: a set for a wine cellar, where there are not only cabinets for bottles, but also furniture for tasting drinks. This model is named after one of the most famous wine regions of Italy – Tuscany.


Designers are increasingly being used lacquered wood in kitchen design. It is used by itself, as well as in combination, like in the case of the Diamond kitchen.

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