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Wine Bottle Recycling Ideas

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Wine bottles are a great material for DIY. A wine bottle can be recycled into a candle holder, planter, a glass and many other things. A few of them can make for a creative chandelier. The bottles can be cut in half or their spouts can be removed to create new functional things or home decorations.

Wine Bottles as Vases

Wine bottles can be used as vases in their original form or can be reshaped and redecorated by cutting and painting the bottles producing new items and objects. Repurposing bottles as vases is natural and there are quite a few ways of doing it. Remove the spout or cut in half and use the upper half as a stem holder. Be careful with cut edges and treat them before using the cut bottle.

Wine Bottles as Lights

Wine bottles can be tranformed into lights by creating a chanderlier, candle holder or an outdoor light. The bottom of the bottle can be cut off to place a tea light inside of it. Or its spout can simply be used as a candlestick. Melting wax gives a nice finish to the bottle but be sure to use a sturdy coaster to avoid wax spilling on the furniture.

Wine Bottles as Decorations

Wine bottles have beautiful shapes so they can make for beautiful decorations. Use paint and glue to create table centerpieces and glassware arrangements. Cover the bottles with glue and glitter to create texture and festive decoration for the holiday season.


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  1. Gypsy Mel on instagram
    May 29, 2014 at 9:31 am

    Ok so I love the I ages and idea but HOW do I do it ?? Nobody seems willing to share that part. 🙁