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Wall Stenciling Basics

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Do you like patterns in your interior designs? Perhaps you lack something essential, like ideas for including pattern into your interior. This post will introduce to you the stenciling basics, which will help you in adding character to your house.

Adding Pattern tutorial

In one of the previos posts, we have already discussed some basic information on adding pattern into interior design. This post is more of a tutorial, where we discover the intriguing basics of stenciling, a rising trend in wall patterning.

Now that you have figured out your pattern, keeping in mind the rules mentioned in the previos post, you need to start. If you already ordered your stencil online, and it waites for you in box, skip this part. We would concentrate on the making of the DIY stencil. For the stencil you would need: a sharp craft knife; a cutting board on which to cut the stencil; a piece of acetate or transparent stiff plastic; a stencil design printout; low tack tape. Then you would need to attach the printout to the acetate with a tape at the edges. Make sure that there is a border of acetate at least an inch around the design. Now, with the sharp knife, cut out the stencil. Once you are done, clear out all the rough spots and your stencil is ready. However, for some patterns you can use handy items. Like for a polka dot patter consider using an old basket lid with dots on it.
Now it is time to start stenciling, and for that your would need: paint,a trey for paint, a roller or a brush, your stencil, the low tack tape. The tricky part of course is to choose your colors, as first you need to paint the base or the background before applying the stencil.
Once you have done with that part and the paint is dry, start attaching the stencil to the wall with a tape. Now dip the roller into the trey of paint (of different color than the background) and start painting from the edges to the center. This way you can be sure that your roller won’t get out of the edges of the stencil. The whole procedure might take a while, but the overall result is just marvelous. Remember to compliment the new pattern on your wall with the additional items, like pillows of the same pattern, and voila you have introduced pattern into interior!

Some Stenciling Inspiration

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