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Wall Art for Valentine’s

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Looking for some original ideas to decorate the walls in your house, special for the Valentine’s day? How about making a DIY wall art, which is fun to make and can show off your originality! Here are some awesome handmade wall art ideas for Valentine’s!
valentine's wall art

DIY Wall Decorations for Valentine’s Day

So, if you are in search of some creative and original ideas to decorate your house for the Valentine’s day – there are some simple ideas! Don’t forget to turn on the creativity mode when you are engaged in this sort of DIY activity!
valentine's wall art
One of the easiest ways to decorate the windows is to use yarn garlands. To make them you will need some yarn, preferably in colors of the holiday – the reds or pinks, and maybe some white, some wire that you can bend into a heart shape and that is all! By now, you have probably guesses that you need to bend the wire into the heart shape and then adorn that wire with yarn in any chaotic manner. Don’t forget to hand them, wherever you wish them to hang!
valentine's wall art
Another project is a little bit harder. You will need an empty frame, some paint ( if you want the frame to be in different color) and some craft paper and threads. So, once you have painted the frame in a preferred color, let’s say white, you will need to think of what this frame would showcase. It can be everything, from letters, words, cards or hearts. In case of this project it is the string of hearts. So, take the scissors and start cutting them out from a craft paper. If you are clueless on how to position the hearts on the string – it is really easy. Fist lay them out in the order you prefer and then put some glue on it. Now, make sure that the hearts are laid out in the manner that will allow them to show their face side later on without a string attached. Once the glue is settled, attach the strings to the frame using that same glue! Voila it is done. This frame can be hanged on the wall, or alternatively placed on the mantel or shelf! Be creative and everything will work out well!


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