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Vintage Christmas Charms

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Christmas is a beautiful holiday, that has a lot of insightful ideas on decorating the interior! If you like the original decorations, with a hint of historical value, try decorating your place with vintage Christmas charms!

DIY Christmas Charms

Making decorations for your house is especially fun if they will be used during a very special holiday! Here we will discuss several DIY projects on making Christmas Charms, starting from Crepe Paper Topiary Trees!
You will need: STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: these can be in different sizes; Crepe Paper Rolls, 2” wide, colors of your choice; Decorations: Small ball ornaments, glittered snowflake, glittered star, jingle bell, tags, greenery, glitter, glitter glue, ¼” wide ribbon, fine wire, etc; White craft glue; Scissors; straight pins; small paintbrush. So, the process goes like this – at the bottom of the cone, pin a strip of crepe paper around the cone, and repeat the procedure as you go up. Trim away the extra paper if necessary. At the top you can decorate your trees with stars, ornaments, practically anything by using glue.
Another project that will make your Christmas a unique touch is a vintage wooden spool trio. For this project you will need matte Mod Podge, vintage wooden spools, striped paper straws, patterned paper, die-cuts, sticker, ribbon, sticker, flower, stick pin, jewels, glitter glue, hot glue, vellum, thread, scrap chipboard. First is to dress up your spool in a cute paper, then apply Mod Podge as a sealer to the patterned paper and insert straw. Apply Mod Podge as a sealer on die-cuts and let dry, then cut a small piece of scrap chipboard and adhere to back of die-cut with hot glue for extra strength, then highlight the die-cuts with glitter glue. Then using hot glue insert the straws to the back of die-cuts and insert straws in spools. If you want to make a large centerpiece of trio, cut a piece of scrap chipboard and sandwich between piece of red patterned paper and vellum, then machine stitch and do the same with other colors and seal piece with Mod Podge. Then embellish as shown with stickers, die-cut, cameo and jewels. Last steps include glueing the piece to straw and insert into spool, then Apply feather flower with stickpin. Tie glitter ribbon to all three straws. Enjoy!

DIY Christmas Vintage Decor

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