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Valentine’s Day Wreath

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You know what is the coolest way to decorate your house for Valentine’s day? Right, it is make another awesome Valentine’s day wreath! Here are some incredible and creative ideas on making a simple wreath for Valentine’s!

Wreath for Valentine’s

Wreath are universal way of inviting the holiday over to your house! They can be practically in any shape and design, however we will keep to the form and make a simple wreath with some fabric. For this project you will need wreath form, fabric, scissors, ruffled trim, felt hearts, ribbon, pompoms and Valentine’s Day brads, glue gun with glue sticks. Now the fabric can be of any color, but try to make it appropriate for the occasion – red is perfect, but pink is even better for some. Certain people think that pink has a perfect combination with grey, and it does at certain point.
So start with cutting the fabric into pieces, which can be wrapped around the wreath foam. You will need to wrap the fabric around the wreath form completely. Now, the grey wreath form can be decorating with practically anything. Some people like to decorate it with cute little hearts out of craft paper, and yarn flowers. The little crafty hearts can be even made from felt. However, all these cute little things can be bought at the local craft store, or maybe flea markets. But, if it really matters, try to make these little decorations by your own hands, this way you would appreciate the wreath more.
Another idea of making a wreath for Valentine’s day is to make one in a classy shape of a heart! For this you will need a wire, that can be bend in a shape of a heart. Then, find things to decorate it with and it can be anything that comes to your mind: felt, ribbons, feathers, leaves, scrapbook paper, etc. Get creative and take all you Valentine’s day inspiration to include it into your work – it will certainly look good. Even if doesn’t, you still have time till Valentine’s day to fix it! Enjoy your crafty mood and happy upcoming Valentine’s day!

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