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Use Starch and Fabric to Make Removable Wall Treatment

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Living in a rented space may restrict you in many ways when it comes to interior design and decor. For one, you may not be allowed to install wallpaper or paint the walls. Here’s where a bowl of starch and a few feet of fabric may come in handy.

Starch and Fabric Make for Removable Wallpaper

Fabric wall

It’s quite easy to DIY and it can dress up the walls in any room. All you need is liquid starch, enough fabric, some tape, and maybe a pair of extra hands to help things along smooth and quick.

You’ll want to protect the floors before starting to work with the starch and you’ll need to watch out for the fabric edges to prevent them from fraying.

After you’ve taped the fabric to the wall and aligned it the way you want to you can start applying starch to the wall. After you’ve stuck the fabric to it you’ll need to coat it well with starch to make sure it sticks well.

The beauty of this decorating method is that you can hang it on almost any wall and remove it without any problems if you need to clean it or move.


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