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Tree Stumps In Interior Decor

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Old tree stumps can make a great decoration both outdoors and within an interior. There are so many things you can do with them it’s ridiculous. Here are a few ideas that won’t take too much time and effort and make quite fun DIY projects.

Tree Stump DIY Decor

Tree stumps in living room

Tree stump coffee tables 

Tree stumps are obviously perfect to put things on. They’re usually flat on both ends so they make pretty stable coffee and side tables (adding wheels will prevent floor scratching). You can also use one as your nightsand or even as a bathroom table. Its natural charm will go with almost any decorating style from shabby chic to modern minimalism. Cover it with lacquer or spray paint for a more polished look and voila you have a new unique furniture piece at virtually no cost.

You can also use a few smaller stumps grouping them together for a more dramatic effect. And if you want to wow everybody make a tree stump your bathroom vanity.

Bathroom vanity of grouped together tree stumps

Bathroom with some serious wow factor

Another way to use a tree stump is to turn it into a planter or a vase. To make these you’ll need more tools and skill to carve the core of the stump but it’s totally worth the result.

A chair might be an appropriate project for those more seasoned DIY enthusiats but less experienced can try to make a stool out of a tree stump by using an upholstery gun and a piece of furniture fabric and stuffing.

You can get a tree stump from your own garden or ask around neighbourhood for one. You can also buy ready made decorations out of tree stumps online.

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