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Treadle Sewing Machine DIY Project Ideas

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If you think that a treadle sewing machine can only be turned into a table, you’re only partly right. While the most popular ways to transform it is to make a console, a small table, or a side table out of it, you can also make adjustments to make it bigger and more functional.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanity

A bathroom vanity

Big Crafting Table Or Desk

Crafting table

By combining two sewing machines you can create a huge crafting table or a desk to make maximize your working space and make it more convenient.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen island made of sewing machine

A kitchen island or rather butcher block is only one of the many things you can turn a sewing machine into. You can make it into a storage unit or a cooking surface and you can also store your wine at its bottom rack.

Sewing machine dining table

Sewing machine bath vanity

Vanity made of sewing machine

Office desk made of sewing machine

Garden sewing machine table

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