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This One Halloween Decoration Material Is All You Need

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Looking for budget but creative Halloween decor ideas? There are of course holiday deals on Pottery Barn and cheap decorations in Target, but all you really need for a cool spooky Halloween decor besides sinister glowing pumpkins is gauze. It’s cheap and versatile and can be used anywhere inside or outside the house.

Gauze Halloween Decor Ideas

Entry decor for Halloween

Gauze or cheesecloth is a great Halloween decor material. You can make mummies out of it using mannequins or their heads. Or you can fill your house with terrifying cobwebs of giant spiders, your call.

You can use it as tablecloth or instead of curtains. Dye it black, grey, or splatter with red koolaid to imitate blood. Tear it up or wrap around things to make them Halloween ready. For instance, you could wrap the candle holders and make blood splatters on them or even use it as snack wrappers.

With gauze you can decorate your entire home for pennies and still have a really creative Halloween decor. All you need is a bit of fantasy and a few ideas.


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