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Tabletop Container Gardens

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Tabletop centerpieces are among the most amazing things with which you can make a decor statement! Today we are going to explore amazing tabletop container garden ideas, and you would be surprised how dramatic they might look!

tabletop container garden ideas

Container Gardens: Tablescaping Inspiration

Container gardening, as you know is a way to confine the garden into a small or a not so small container. There are various ways of incorporating the container gardens into tablescaping, starting from a simple houseplant to exquisite cloche centerpieces.

One of the simplest container gardens, which could be used as a tabletop decoration is a succulent composition in a container. Sometimes a single succulent against the pebbles as a background creates the needed effect, however a composition of the few interesting succulents looks better. They are quite small, but very cute as a table decor. Perhaps you could place a bunch of them, all in similar containers on the table.

tabletop container garden ideas

A little herb garden, which is confined to a container is not only beautiful, but also quite healthy! It is best to place the container herbs on the table, once they are still small, because when they grow you certainly would need to relocate them into bigger containers.

A window box planter would look quite surprising on your table. However, you can adorn it with blooming houseplants, such as begonias. An interesting shape of a window box is also important, so take your time to decorate the container as well. A planter is actually very important, because it is the base of your tablescaping presentation, so choose wisely. For instance, a pedestal planter would add that certain charming beauty to your table, while a simple terracotta pot would add a rustic appeal.

tabletop container garden ideas

One of the cutest container garden centerpieces are cloche decorations. You can even make a nice centerpiece of a fern in a pedestal planter, and moss enclosed into cloche. Keep this construction away from direct sunlight, as it is quite dangerous for fern and the moss alike. Cloche enclosed gardens look very appealing on their own, and can be used practically anywhere.

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