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Suspended Net Beds For That Afternoon Leisure

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Called suspended net beds or net floors (depending on how you look at them, I guess) these fun nets are great not only for kid’s play rooms and entertainment areas but also a home office, hallway, or living room.

There are quite a few uses for them too. You can actually take naps or read, chill out with the kids or do some work on your laptop or tablet. It’s like a specious hammock that you can plop onto without having to fit yourself into its folds. All you need for a suspended bed project is some space and some hooks and net. Drilling enough hooks to hold your net between the walls should secure it easily but you can also build a frame for your net first, like in the pic below, and then fix it to the walls or any other structures like a storage wall.

If you want to give your kids some safe but exciting space to play a suspended net could be a perfect solution too. Ruetemple has designed a playhouse (last pic) right above the parents’ bed to allow kids to watch and wait till they’re up and play in the meantime.

Net Beds For Afternoon Leisure

Net bed

Net floor

Net hammock

Suspended net floors

Playhouse net

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