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Small Workspace Ideas

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If you have a limited space, yet just have to have your own personal workspace, then this is a perfect post for you.

Creating Working Space

Some of us are limited in their living spaces, yet just need to have a personal working space, where one can concentrate on his or her business. This post will offer the most interesting ideas on creating this small working area.
The first in our list would be the closet workspace. If you have a closet full of stuff, that is just waiting for a remake, then you can use it as a starting point in the DIY workspace making. First you will need to clean out the space and the arrange everything for the workspace. Then you will need to decide on the wall cover, maybe wallpaper or just plain wall.The centerpiece of this compostion is of course the DIY desk. The idea is very simple, and it involves two drawers or filing cabinets and a pre-made melamine desktop.And voila you have your own personal closet workspace.
Another amazing idea is the Wood Box storage. At a first glance it looks like the huge open suitcase, transformed into the workspace. But hold on, there are so many variations of the kind! There is the actual huge trunk, which when opened can create a very private workspace. There is an imitation of the trunk, when in reality it is a set of bookshelves that is set together. Another clever idea is the mobile box furniture, that is for those who don’t have the trunk or the bookshelves.
Even if these ideas, mentioned above are not an option, there is the Modular in home office by Davidson Rafailidis. The idea is really simple, yet very effective: selective insulations allows privacy and comfort. So as you see there are so many creative ideas on making your own small workspace!

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  1. Diane Rush
    September 6, 2014 at 10:51 pm

    Fabulous ideas! Great inspiration for the art studio that I’ve been dreaming about! Thank you! Diane Rush