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Shamrock Crafts for St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s day is approaching and that means that it is time to indulge into all things green and get inspired by a shamrock to make some crafts for the holiday. So today we are going to explore several options of making DIY projects, which are inspired by shamrocks!

shamrock DIY crafts

DIY Decor for St.Patrick’s Day

In just a few days left till the green celebration of St. Patrick’s day, we are going to get ready in our own way. Here, we will review several amazing DIY decorations for interior, taking inspiration in shamrock.

DIY Shamrock Wreath

shamrock DIY crafts

First in our list would be this awesome shamrock wreath via 9-17 photography. You will need to have 4 small heart shaped wreath forms, hot glue and a green ribbon. This one is really easy, yet so in the mood for the holiday. Basically, you just need to wrap the ribbon around four wreath forms, using hot glue as a starting point. Once you are done wrapping them all, you will need to attach the forms with the same hot glue and hang it wherever you like, with the green ribbon. Simple, isn’t it?

DIY Shamrock Banner

This project is via Holiday Crafts & Creations, and it requires different types of felt: olive green, yellow, green; 6 small green and 2 big buttons; embroidery thread: gold, black, different shades of green; ribbons, pins and needles; scissors. First you need to cut out the shamrock template and make one out of felt. Using the easy stitches, apply the felt shamrock to the background, and repeat it four times. You can also do the letter sign, using the same template technique. Once you are done with the details, it is time to make the background.

shamrock DIY crafts

You need to have a large green background felt, onto which you will stich the little squares. Put the pieces one at a time, and then stitch together the little shamrock art pieces, and the sign. As you see, this one requires some skills – however the results are very cute!


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