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River Stone DIYs

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Nature is a very great source for the DIY projects and your imagination. Just being outdoors, near the river, in the forest, or in the mountains and enjoying the nature gives you the ideas to your mind and you are ready to create stunning and useful things for your house. Have you ever kicked off your shoes and waded across a cool, small stony stream with a few inches of water? Just thinking about it can bring you back to some of your most treasured childhood memories. Even now, you might still feel the smooth, water-worn stones massaging your soles and the wet sand squishing between your toes.

You can do a few projects with the river stones at home that will be in use quite very often. You can start collecting river stones now. The more you collect the more options you will have to create DIY items. Here are some of the things you can make.

Mat of River Stones

Felt Clock

River Stones Mat

Whereas other doormats wear and fade, this one will stand up to hard use and weather. Additionally, it is a beautiful, natural way to greet your guests. Washed and polished river rocks are hand-applied with strong adhesive to a durable backing of indoor-outdoor carpet. In addition, this rug can be a beautiful stand for a vase or other decorative elements, which greatly decorate the interior of your apartment, depending on the size of the mat you make.

What You Will Need:

  • A knife
  • Stones
  • Glue
  • A thin piece of old carpet or rug

How to Make a Mat

• You need to pick up the stones of the same height. It is necessary to smooth out the bumps that may occur due to the different sizes of stones.

• Wash the selected stones and leave them to dry.

• While the stones are drying, get the old carpet or rug and cut a piece of it. You can cut a section of any shape that you like or just want to decorate.

• The next step is making our rug laying down on the floor with the stones on it. This should be done in order to select the optimal number of stones and their sizes.

• Expanding the stones, take the hands of a silicone adhesive, and in turn, raising every stone, put on glue and put it on the place from which it was taken.

• After gluing the stones, give the product a little dry, and stand ready.

Mat for the Bathroom

Felt Clock

Feel the Nature with Your Toes

You can add a natural beauty and a touch of nostalgia to your home spa space by creating a river stone bath mat. There are similar mats in high-end catalogs and at online stores, but their high price tags can spark your DIY spirit. With a few common materials and tools, you are able to make your own mat.

How to Do It:

  • Measure and mark the HardiBacker cement board to the desired size. Use a utility knife to score and break the board at the marks.
  • Wipe the HardiBacker clean with a damp sponge. Using a towel and spread an even layer of thin set mortar (about 1/4 in. thick) along the top surface.
  • Gently press the rocks into the mortar. Let the mortar set completely.
  • Use a grout float and your fingers (wear gloves) to spread grout between the rocks. Before the grout dries, wipe the rocks clean with a damp tile sponge. Let the grout set completely.
  • With a dry cloth, wipe off any leftover haze on the rocks. Apply a couple of coats of grout sealer to the grouted areas. To protect your bathroom floor, attach a few felt furniture pads to the underside of the mat.

Other River Stones DIY Ideas

Multi-Purpose Hooks

Felt Clock

Simple and Unique

Elements of nature unite to create this clean-lined multi-purpose hook perfect for towels, robes, or clothing. Carefully selected from rivers and beaches of New England and gently rounded through years of tumbling, each stone is unique.

Stone Magnets

Felt Clock

Funny Monsters

These colorful little monsters will brighten even the dullest of kitchen appliances. They are also great for magnetic note boards and such like. Now you can finally do something with all those pebbles you collect at the beach.

Cute Owls

Felt Clock


Natural source to show the natural inhabitants. Very cute owls to decorate any shelves, tables, or desks in your house.

Welcoming Wreath

Felt Clock

Pretty Wreath

A wreath to decorate the door for any or special occasion or celebration at home and make the door looking welcoming to your guests.

Flower Pots

Felt Clock

Flowers Among River Stoens

Decorate the flowerpots and make your plants and flowers look appealing and more to nature.

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