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Renovate For Less: Where To Find Cheap Remodeling Materials

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Renovating is not easy for people and budgets but there is something about a thrifty approach that makes us be more creative with what we have and what we can afford. Now you already know that you’ll have to do almost everything with your own hands or employ help of family and friends for this remodel to fit the budget but what about the materials and building supplies? Well, here are a few ways how you can renovate for less.

Cheap Remodeling Materials For Budget Renovation

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood in interior

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is not only unique but also eco-friendly. It can be cheap too and it’s quite sturdy. It can be found by the roads (abandoned barns and stables), at salvage yards, or your own property. You could also buy reclaimed wood from merchants but there is a chance to come across new wood being passed off as unique. If that’s the cheap price you’re after rather than the aestehtics go directly to the owners of wooden premises that could be taken apart for wood.

Stone bathroom interior


Say you want a beautiful stone bathroom like this one or you want to renew your exterior with some gorgeous stone but you’re after the look really. It’s not about the historical significance and you see to renovate the place every ten or so years. Well, faux stone is the way to go. Sure it’s easier to scratch and it’s prone to fading and discoloration but it saves the coin. If you use it inside there’s less chance of damage done to it so it could make a bathroom perfect.

Of course, if you want some real stone or brick you could find it at special stores and organization that offer reclaimed stone but in this case we’re not sure it’s not going to cost you.

When you are going to the store to buy your supplies and materials be sure to check the store’s suppliers. The ones that deal directly with material manufacturers tend to have lower prices on their stock. Also watch out for discounts and special offers.


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