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Recycling & Repurposing Old Bathtubs And Sinks

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Most old things can be repurposed and recycled. Old bathtubs and sinks make for great material for furniture and garden accessories. Old vintage bathtub can be transformed into an interesting sofa or a fainting couch. Enhanced with tufted cusion and throw pillows a claw-feet freestanding tub will decorate a living room or outdoor lounge providing a place for seating.

An old bathtub can also be cut in two to create a couple of chairs with rounded backs. An outdoor bench can also be created out of an old bathtub for outdoors. But beside furniture, an old tub can make for a great flower bed and used in the garden for planting flowers.

Old sinks can be turned into outdoor fountains or used as planters for flower beds. The old sink can be decorated with a mosaic or used as it is. The faucets can be removed or preserved and even used to direct the fountain water flow.


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  1. laura
    September 26, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this website and the awesomely beautiful ideas!!!!