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Recycled Bicycles In Interior Design

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Recently we featured a post on bike storage. Today we look at the bicycle recycling ideas. Bicycles can be used to create many different home decor accessories and even furniture.

Recycled Bicycles In Home Decor

Wall Decor

We already mentioned that an old dysfunctional bicycle especially a vintage lot can be used as a wall decoration above the sofa in the living room. But going further, the bicyicle could be taken apart to create clock, mirror or some other wall decorations.


Furniture made out of bicycle? What a great conversation starter as well as an eye-catcher. The Bike Furniture Design studio recycles old bicycle rims to make creative modern furniture like chairs and tables.

Planters And Trellises

Bicycles whole or partial make for great garden accessories like flower bed frames, trellises, planters and plant stands. Various parts of the bicycle have their own structural properties that could be used in the interior as well garden decor.


Utilized old bike chains can be used to create a statement lampshade. Such creative lamp would hardly go unnoticed and yet it might not even look like it was made of chains from an old bicycle.


Various accessories can be created using old bike chains, rims, and other parts including mirrors, frames, candle holders, and storage bowls. An old bicycle can also be repainted and used as a sculpture in the garden or home.

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  1. Louis
    January 28, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    I especially like the clocks.