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Professional Kitchen at Home

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You’ve certainly watched different cooking shows. And you definitely noted, how beautifully and ergonomically the kitchen of a chef was designed. Yes, this workspace itself inspires for creation of delicious masterpieces, not to mention, how easy and fun is cooking in such conditions. You’ve always dreamed of having a kitchen of a chef, haven’t you? We’ll show you how to equip such kitchen at home.

How to Equip Professional Kitchen at Home

Professional kitchen

Professional kitchen

Right zoning

Professional kitchen is always different from an ordinary one, primarily by its layout. They do not have many traditional cabinets and unnecessary items. All must be extremely accessible, not more than in an arm’s length. Thus, the best way to store kitchen utensils is directly under the tabletop, on open shelves or in the roof rail. The main thing is to keep everything ready to use right now. It is desirable to establish a comfortable and aesthetic cabinet- pillars to store seldom-used items, which are usually installed outside the “hot” work area.

Preparing the island

Kitchen island is an ideal work area for any professional chef. First, it is possible to come and work from any side; and secondly, the “islands” are equipped with all the necessities: worktop, hob and sink.

It is possible to work freely without interrupting. Of course, there should be a good hood over the island, which can be used also to hang pans, colanders, skimmers, ladles, spatula and so on.

Choosing a good working surface

Kitchen pros should include extremely durable work surface that is easy to clean from dirt. For example, a noble and beautiful wood is not suitable because of its porous structure. All the dirt will remain in small crevices of a wooden tabletop, which is very unhygienic. Laminated boards are also not suitable for the same reason. If you want a beautiful and reliable composite countertop, choose a heat-resistant and dense quartz. But the ideal option would be stainless steel, not glossy, but matte. It is not only rational, but also incredibly stylish.

Kitchen appliances

If you plan to cook in your kitchen more sophisticated dishes than fried potatoes or chicken in the oven, then do not be limited by a standard set of kitchen appliances. In addition to the oven, cooktop , microwave and fridge, it is desirable to have also heating cabinets, whereby cooked delicacies are moistened and heated as needed. Professional chefs often use plates with grill.

It is worth also to acquire a wine rack and a dishwasher. It is certainly not a requirement, but if you want to equip a professional kitchen, you should not save money on such things.

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