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Painted Wood Floor Ideas

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Painted wooden floors have a special charm about them. Wooden planks show through the paint along with all the imperfections, which is maybe a less polished look compared to laminate or waxed floors but gives you a chance to their color any time decorate them with a pattern or even a beautiful drawing.

Patterned wood floors

Stencils are great at helping you produce clean and neat patterned floors. You can use florals, geometric forms, and other custom stencil shapes to decorate the floors in any room.

You can also just paint the planks different colors to achieve a striped effect.

The beauty of painted wooden floors is that you get more variety in terms of pattern and color but be prepared to wood to show through and the paint to wear off. It’s normal and you can always repaint them or strip the paint and wax and stain them instead.

Painted Wood Floors

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