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Old Chair Transformation Ideas

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It’s tempting to throw out old furniture, especially when you have a budget to replace it, but recycling isn’t just about money. It’s also about being eco-conscious and doing your little part. Upcycling old chairs must be the most fun of DIY projects. You can choose new colors and textures, you can assign new purpose and function to them, and you can actually use them in a lot of different ways.

Pet Bowl Stand

Dog feeder

Make your pet a pair of tables by cutting a hole in old chairs’ seats and placing food and water bowls in them.



A couple of old chairs can be turned into a couch or an outdoor bench. You can use them in your living room or garden, but you will definitely impress your guests.

Outdoor bench

Plant Support

Support system

Many plants require stakes and support systems to help them hold their tall stems and not fall over. A seat-less chair is a perfect way to keep your plants strong and happy.

Planter Holder

Planter holder

You can also use such a chair to simply hold your porch planters.

Chair Shelf


Whether you need a shelf in t he kitchen, bathroom, or garden, an old chair with a straight back is a perfect source material for it.

You can also turn a stool or chair into a swing, pet bed and a nightstand.

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