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Mosaic-Style Tabletop

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Thinking of giving an old outdoor table a fancy update? Today we are going to show how to transform an ordinary round table into a stylish garden furnishing piece with help of this easy mosaic-style tabletop tutorial.

Stylish Mosaic Tabletop

Mosaic Tabletop

DIY Mosaic Tabletop By Emily Hart

Interior design blogger Emily Hart has recently shared her inspiring DIY projects and was featured in the latest HGTV magazine issue for July/August with her inspiring recycling and upcycling tutorials. One of the tutorials was about transforming an ordinary round table into a stylish garden furnishing piece. For this project you will need:

  • painter’s tape
  • mylar stencil
  • pouncer (a.k.a. round sponge brush)
  • quart of latex paint
  • quart of polyurethane

The tabletop should be white and if it is not, use a latex white paint to fix this problem. Once you have prepared the tabletop, and it is completely dry, it is time to clean it with a damp rag and wipe it dry. Now place the stencil in the center of the table, and secure it with a painter’s paint.

Mosaic Tabletop

Making Of Mosaic Tabletop 

The next step is to pour some paint into a disposable plate and using a large round sponge (pouncer) make sure to cover every bit of the stencil with paint. You can choose any color you want, but this blue pattern makes the table in the mood set for summer. Using the stencil you can eventually cover the whole table in patterns. Just remove the stencil, place into a different spot and repeat the procedure above. Make sure to cover everything, even the edges. When you are done painting the table, let it dry for at least a day. After the table is completely dry, coat the top with polyurethane. This will ensure that your artwork stays longer.


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