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Mini Bar Ideas For Small Spaces

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Full bar may be a nice feature to have at home but in an urban setting, not always possible. With smaller dwellings every additional area at home is a matter of rearrangement and sacrifice. Well, with these mini bars you won’t have to sacrifice too much and willl also have plenty of room for creativity.

Cart mini bar

When it comes to mini bars there are many ways to go about them. You can always buy a special mini fridge like they have in hotels but it can also be DIY and budget-wise.

A mini bar can be anything from an old cabinet to a repurposed retro TV set to a barrel. A small cabinet is easy to place almost anywhere and it can be stocked up enough to host a party. You can choose not to keep glasses in your mini bar if it’s small as it is, especially if the place is too small and you have them in a short walking distance.

We like the cart mini bar because it is mobile and can be easily moved from room to room. It looks nice on display and it can also serve as a mini table to keep your drinks. The same goes to tray mini bar, which can is both incredibly decorative and functional.

If you want to hid the mini bar from plain sight, there are quite a few options on the market that will allow you to do that but they may also cost quite a dime.

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