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Milk Carton Bird Feeder

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Milk Carton Bird Feeders

Interesting milk carton bird feeders

One way we can recycle materials is by reusing them to produce new products. These new products can have a variety of different uses both either indooors or outdoors.Children and their feathered friends will love this adorable homemade bird feeder. The milk carton bird feeder will provide a very welcome source of food for garden birds, during the winter months, when their supplies are particularly difficult for them to find. You will need:

  • Milk or juice carton cleaned
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Ruler
  • Two small lengths of double-sided tape
  • Bird seed
  • Hole punch
  • Twine for a hanger
  • Two straight skinny twigs for perches

DIY Milk Carton Bird Feeder:

  1. Use the permanent marker and ruler to draw a pentagon shaped opening on the front of the milk carton. The opening should resemble the shape of a house with a peaked roof. The bottom of the pentagon should be about two inches at the bottom of the carton to hold a plenty of seeds.
  2. Cut out the pentagon shaped opennig with a craft knife. Adults should help children with this part.
  3. Let’s make a roof for the birds. Using the piece you cut out of the milk carton identify the top of the peak as a center point. Fold the pentagon shaped piece of milk carton in half along its length. Cut a half-inch from the point of the peak down the center fold. Fold up a half-inch flap on either side of this cut.
  4. Put a piece of double-sided tape on each flap.
  5. Let’s attach the roof to the bird feeder. Insert this roof piece into the top of the pentagon shaped opening. Press the flaps with your fingers against the inside of the milk carton until the double-sided tape holds tightly.
  6. Poke a twig through of the milk carton, just below the left side of the opening. Do the same on the right side of the opening. Make sure the skewers or sticks poke out the back wall of the carton to keep the perches secure.
  7. Let’s make a hanger for our bird feeder. Use a hole puncher or a skewer to puncture two holes in the top line of the carton.
  8. Put twine through the two holes.
  9. Fill the bottom of the feeder with a small bird seed mixture.
  10. Hang your milk carton bird feeder from a tree branch that you can see from a window and reach easily when you need to add more bird seeds.
  11. Decorate your bird feeder the way you feel it will look very adorable and attractive to the birds.
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