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Juju Hats In Interior Decorating

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Juju Hat, also known as Bamileke, is a traditional ceremonial headdress of Bamileke tribes in Cameroon that became a popular wall decoration thanks to its circular shape and colorful feathers.

A modern Juju Hat interior accessory can be found in stores for around $250-$500. And you can make one yourself for around $100 or less depending on what kind of feathers you’ll use.

The principle is very simple though. You need a hard circular carcass, strung feathers, and a glue gun. You can cut out a circle of any size you want (remember the bigger the circle the more feathers you’ll need) out of a sturdy cardboard. Glue your feathers around the outward edges of the circle and keep filling in the space by outlining it with your feather strings in a circular shape.

Using rooster coque tail strung feathers you will get a beautiful flow in your Juju Hat and you can make it any color as the dyed feathers are available in all kinds of hues.

The most popular place to hang a Juju Hat is probably a wall above the bed but they are also used above fireplaces, in bathrooms, and even home offices.

Juju Hats in Decor

pink juju hat

juju hat

juju hat

Brown juju hat

White juju hat

Aqua blue juju hat

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