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Installing Flag Bracket

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With summer and Memorial Day approaching don’t you want to express your patriotic pride by showcasing the national flag on top of your house? Well, today we are going to help you with these tips on installing the flag bracket.

Attaching Flag Bracket

Installing Flag Bracket

Flag By The Front Door

Before going for such grandiose project of installing the national flag, you need to decide on the location of the flag. Most often people tend to place the flag above the entrance, where they can reach it with a help of a ladder. There are several methods of installing the flag, all of them being different according to the structure  that you are going to install it onto.

Masonry Method

Once you figured out the location, you need to get the masonry equipment. Next step is to drill a hole to install the masonry anchors that should be the same size with the screws provided for your flag bracket. Now you need to insert the masonry anchor into the wall, and then insert the flag bracket by threading the masonry screw.

Wood Method

If the surface of the space that you want to install your flag is from wood the procedure is slightly different. Locate the exterior wall studs using the stud finder, and then mark the location of the flag bracket. Install wood screws into the holes that you just drilled, and attach the flag bracket. Hold the flag bracket still against the wall and thread the wood screws through the holes into the house structure.

Vinyl Siding Method

Now, vinyl siding installation is a bit harder, because of its structure. You will need to use vinyl surface mounting block to cut into the back of the vinyl siding-shaped groove. It is better to use the one that matches the color of your siding. When installing the bracket check the size and the screws, and make sure to have the holes in the according sizes.

The drilled holes on the vinyl siding need to be slighty larger than screws, because it would allow the vinyl siding to move according to the temperature-induced expansion or contraction. Now install the bracket into the drilled holes and secure it with screws. Now you will only have to insert the flag. The tutorial is made by Kristie Lorette.

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