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Ideas For Using Crates In Home Decor

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Crates are being extensively used in home decor for their versatility and convenience. Made of wood they can be repainted, redone, and used for various purposes. Crates are easy to use in home decor. There are many ways they can be repurposed to decorate the room and be functional.


Crates make for functional shelves and bookcases allowing to store and display books and variosu other items and decorations. Arrange two or three shelves to get enough space for storage or connect several crates together in a rectabgular shape to get a bookcase for your home library.


Crates provide surfaces making for rustic style side and coffee tables. Roller crates are popular as coffee tables and simple wooden crates are used as side tables and nightstands. If you opt for a more polished look paint your crate table white or some bright color to add an accent to the decor.


Crates can also be used to make furniture. several crates can be taken apart and used to create a chair or bed frame or a desk. Stacked crates can make for a bed base which is great as a temporary or permanent furnishing solution. Crates can be made into headboards as well. Crates can be used not only in furniture building but also in creating small constructions and art installations providing with good insulation and affordable construction material.

Crates In Home Decor

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  1. insulation contractors Calgary
    August 8, 2012 at 9:52 am

    beautiful ideas to use Crates in home decor..loved the images in the blog post!! thanks for your ideas!!