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How To Use Tin & Soda Cans In Home Decor

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As we became more and more into conserving food (for various reasons) along with resources, eating canned food and recycling is pretty common these days. Well, there is also soda. Accumulating tin and soda cans in your recycling-friendly bins might make for good home decor material. With a bit of DIY enthusiasm and paint those empty vessels can become charming rustic or industrial accents.

Tin & Soda Cans In Home Decor

Tin can lanterns

DIY tin can lanterns for Halloween


Tin cans make for great lanterns for both Halloween and Christmas. To create them, fill them with water and freeze overnight. Then draw a pattern with pencil and make punctures along the lines with a large nail. Your lantern is ready. For more appeal paint them different colors.

Desk Organizers

Tin cans make great desk/crafts room organizers. Use them as pen cups. Yout can keep them on the table or create a pyramid using several cans that stay sideways upon one another. Yet again you can fix them to the wall to create a vertical organizer for your tools. Same goes for creating a vertical garden using tin cans as planters.


Both tin and soda cans are good as planters. They can be painted or wrapped with colorful threads to give them a more attractive look. Equally you can use them as vases and vessels for anything from fruit to cookies.

Garden Decor

Tin and soda cans make for great garden decor material. Cut them in strips down to the bottom and bend them outwards to get a tin flower to put amidst your herbs or veg patch. You can also make a bird feeder the same way leaving the lower part of the can uncut so that you could fill it with water or food. Tin cans also make great windsocks and wind chimes.

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