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How To Use Ladder In Home Decor

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Ladder is a great tool that can also be used as a home decoration. It perfectly fits the rustic and shabby chic styles but can also incorporated into other interiors as a rustic element. There many ways of using ladder in home decor. It can be used traditionally or repurposed to suit your needs. Ladders have different shapes and come in different sizes.

Ladder as Towel Holder

Ladders are very much common in bathroom decor as towel holders. Convenient and simply charming. Ladders with wide steps can also be used as shelves for storing various bathroom accessories. Small doble ladders can make for great bathroom side tables.

Ladder as Clothes/Shoe Rack

If your wardrobe lacks space or if the bedroom is too small to fit one, you can use ladder as a clothes rack, a shoe rack or an accessory rack. A double ladder can be enhanced with a bar to be able to use hangers and store more clothes. Heeled shoes can easily be fit on the thin-step ladder, use a wide step ladder to store flat shoes. The shoes can also be hidden in storage baskets beneath the ladder clothes rack.

Ladder as Dish Rack/Shelf

Ladder can find its place in the kitchen storing and displaying dishes, pans and pots. It can be hung over the kitchen island and enhanced with a few hooks and voila, the kitchen is storage-ready. Dishes can also be neatly displayed on wide step ladders or equiped with boards to fit more plates and pots.

Ladder as Plant Stand

Ladders can be used to arrange a small indoor garden. Just put all the planters on a small double ladder and you’ll achieve a neat look that is convenient to maintain. The ladder plant stands can also be used outdoors decorating the porch and entrance. Also use a ladder outdoors to arrange lanterns and outdoor lights for a dreamy beautiful look.

Ladder as Bookshelf/Magazine Rack

Use a ladder as a small bookshelf to always keep a few favorite books around. It can also serve as a cool magazine rack in the bathroom, living room or near the reading nook. A ladder can enhaced a small home office providing for more storage space and yet occupy little floor space.

Ladder as Christmas Tree/Decoration

As an alternative to a conventional Christmas tree ladders work great and add an unusual touch to Christmas decor. Decorate a ladder with lights, bubbles, toys and garlands and crown it with a star. A double ladder is more convenient for storing presents.

Ultimately a ladder can make for a simple but charming decoration in a rustic home or beach house. Pay attention to the finish of the ladder. It can be smooth and lacquered or distressed and shabby. The finish will depend on the style of the room.

Ladder In Home Decor


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