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How To Upgrade Old Wardrobe

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A good wardrobe is something to appreciate. It contains all the stuff in one place and doesn’t ruin the interior. But when it comes to making your room more interesting a wardrobe can definitely become a whole new and exciting feature of the interior. We showed you a lot of organizer options and closet ideas as well as no closet storage and clothes decor. Now, however, it’s time to talk about how to turn a conventional wardrobe into a fun and shiny accent of the decor.

Upgrade Old Wardrobe

There are quite a few ways to give your old wardrobe some new shine. First, assess its current look. If it’s crackled and outdated and that’s not the look you’re after, then the outside renovation is in order. A fresh coat of bright paint will turn your old wooden box into an eye-catching accent. The easiest transformation and looks good too.

Bright wardrobe

If you’re looking to improve the insides of your wardrobe, however, it’s best done with some beautiful wallpaper and glue. The light or bright colors will freshen up the insides of your wardrobe without the paint smell and the hurdle of getting it o ut of your clothes.

If you just want to give your wardrobe a little something without changing much you can sand it to give it a more antique look or change the outdated handles for something outstanding and new. You can also go for mirrors and additional details (frame, legs) to make your plain wardrobe more ornate.

If you want an old style wardrobe but can’t get your hands on one a drawn on style may just be a way out. It’s interesting and unusual and it will work even on a sleek modern style closet.

On the other hand, if the old wardrobe has become too small to fit in all your clothes and garb, maybe it’s time to repurpose it for something else. Some shoeholics like to have a separate wardrobe for their collection of shoes while others store their bed linens in these old classic wardrobes.


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