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How To Reuse Old Suitcases In Home Decor

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Got a set of old luggage lying around gathering dust? There are so many ways to reuse those old suitcases in home decor for storage and decoration. There is no need to hide them away in the attic. Vintage suitcases can be in full display and look great. Mismatched luggage is no a problem as well, repurpose them as a table base or a drawer chest.

Ways To Reuse Suitcases In Home Decor


Use them as furniture. A luggage trunk can make for a beautiful vintage coffee table where you can store all the small things. Stack a couple of suitcases to make a side table for  a lamp or favorite magazines. Make a console table out of an old suitcase and a table base or legs from old console. With more experience in furniture-making an old suitcase can be trasformed into a chair or a stool/foot rest.


Make a suitcase organizer for small things like accessories, makeup, or jewellery. Need to organize a cabinet? Use suitcases as drawers. They can also replace a bedside bench where you can store spare bed linens or off season clothes.


Old luggage can be used in the original form or repainted and redecorated to suit the room decor. Take it apart to suit the function you need it to perform. Look into various ways of redecorating an old suitcase to fit it seamlessly into the decor.


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