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How To Recycle Old Chairs

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Recycling is a big part of design. It is environment-conscious and money-saving. Besides there are so many ways of using old chairs to create new useful things. If you cannot give your old chair a makeover by re-upholstering or re-painting it look into these ideas for inspiration to make the most of your old chair set that you no longer use. Otherwise you can give it away for charity or place on the curb with ‘FREE’ sign.


Besides using old chairs outdoors they can also be repurposed to carry different other functions. An old chair can be repurposed as shelf and used to store small things and even books. It can also become a coat and hat rack with its legs as looks.


An old vintage chair may not hold much weight anymore but it can certainly serve as a decoration adding a historic touch to the decor. Or use it as a side table storing small things on the seat.

Planter Stand

Need a surface to place a planter pot? An old chair will make for a good planter stand. It it’s not very stable you can dig it into the soil a bit. The seat can be replaced with a crate to create a flower bed. You can also remove the legs from the chair to create a flower bed frame.

There are also various other ways of recycling old chairs. Taken apart, an old chair can provide with the towel holder in form of a backrest, a stool – seat, and legs for creating other furniture like suitcase chairs or pet beds.

Recycled Old Chairs


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