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How To Make Hand-Painted Personal Monogram

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Add a personal touch to your room without breaking a bank. Hand-paint your (or your SO, kid’s, etc.) initials on the wall. Monograms are very traditional and elegant and would look good on any wall. You only need to choose the proper color that matches the wall and create a unique accent in the room. It is something you can do by yourself, just stop by a craft store.

Easy DIY Project: Haтd-Painted Initials On The Wall

personal monogram on the wall

Materials Needed:

  • measuring tape
  • printed letters (design them yourself in Microsoft Word)
  • white plastic eraser
  • graphite/transfer paper
  • size 8 or 10 blunt-tipped lettering brush
  • paint (any of your choice)
  • painters tape
  • pencil

So, let’s get started! Choose any kind of font and size in Microsoft Word that you prefer and print each letter (three in total) onto standard printer paper. Prepare your wall by measuring the area where you want your monogram and mark the center, so you know where to attach them.

attaching letters to the wall

When the wall is ready attach the letters using painters’ tape. Tape will temporarily position the letters on wall. After you’re done with letter placement, slide the tracing paper behind each letter. Use the pencil to trace each initial’s outline. Be careful with the tracing paper, graphite gets easily rubbed onto wall, so do not press too hard on areas that you don’t want to transfer onto the wall. Make sure you check the tracing, move your printed page and graphite paper to see whether letter’s outline is even. Retrace any areas if needed.

tracing the letters' outlines

Now it’s time to paint over your letters’ outlines. Carefully fill in latex paint in each outline, that’s why it is better to use blunt-tip lettering brush, it can be both used flatly and on a side for thinner lines. Clean up extra stray pencil lines or any graphite smudges using white plastic eraser. Ta-daa, your personal monogram is ready.

painting the initials


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