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How To Decorate With Trees, Twigs, Logs, And Branches

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Branches, twigs, wood logs and even trees can be used in multiple ways to enhance home decor and get new functional pieces for free. A piece of driftwood can simply be beautiful and alluring. Used as a centerpiece or decoration it can enhance a coastal decor as well as become many other different things. Use fallen tree branches, twigs, logs and driftwood to decorate home for holidays. All you need is a little inspiration, spray paint and other tools depending on what you want to create.

Bed Frame

Tree logs and branches can be used to create furniture. A tree log bed frame will certainly look dreamy and unusual especially with a canopy made of a lightweight fabric. Also branches can be used to create headboards, wood logs are common in construction of coffee and side tables, nightstands and other furniture items.

Lights/Candle Holder

There are many ways of creating lights out of twigs and branches. A wood log can act simply as a stand or used to create an intricate lampshade. Tree branchesand twigs can also be used as candle holders. Carve holes for tea lights in a piece of driftwood or bind twigs around the candles to create a candleholder effect.

Christmas Tree

Use a tree branch as a Christmas tree alternative. Decorate with baubles, garlands and lights to create festive feel. The branch can be planted in a bucket or fixed to the wall or above the dining table.


Make a ladder out of driftwood. Sure it might not be much functional as a ladder but it sure will make for great towel holder, shoe rack, clothes rack and other things regular ladders are used as.


Driftwood is a great material for assymetrical coastal shelves. Tree branches and wood logs can also make for great shelves or shelf parts. Use rope and old belts to create hanging shelves with pieces of driftwood or use naturally curved tree branches to store favorite bookcases and add to the wall decor.

Curtain Rod

Tree branches are often used as curtain rods. It’s handy and decorative. Choose a tree branch of the proper size and form and treat it with paint to make it fit to the room decor. Add hooks and hangers to use for hanging curtain.

Clothes/Accessory Rack

Use a tree branch as a natural accessory or clothes rack. It’s such a simple way to organize wardrobe! A piece of driftwood with a set of hooks can also make for a towel holder. Twigs are natural hooks, you can fix them to the wall to hang accessories, keys and other things.

Wall Decoration

Beautiful twigs can be spray painted and used as wall decorations. It’s a simple and cheap way to create an attractive wall decor. Gather several branches and driftwood pieces to create an arrangement, mirror or picture frame.

Room Divider

Wood logs and driftwood make for great natural room dividers. Several poles will add a dreamy forest atmosphere to the room as well as divide the room and provide some privacy for two different areas. Wood poles also make for great decorations.

Table Centerpiece

Dried tree branches as well as blossoming ones are often used in table decor. It’s quite easy to create a table centerpiece using a couple of thin branches in a beautiful statement vase. Use a wood log to create a vase or a bowl or use twigs to decorate a bland glassware piece.


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