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Hanging Mason Jar Storage Tutorial

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If you have lots of Mason jars waiting in the dark and collecting dust you might be pleased to find out that there is something you can do with them. One of the options is to make storage out of the unused Mason jars, and to do it even more creative you can make a hanging Mason jar storage.

DIY Hanging Mason Jar Storage

Mason Jar Storage

Hanging Jar Storage By Shannon Quimby

How many times did you go outside and wonder where to keep all that little stuff that you have? Well, one of the solutions might be the hanging Mason jar storage, that you can place under the garden shed shelf, or perhaps under the porch shelf by the front door. For this fun project you will need:

    • canning jars with lids
    • screw driver
    • 6 screws
    • hammer
    • flat head nail (3/8” x 18”)
    • scrap piece of wood or another flat, hard surface

Now the first step is to preparing the Mason jars by removing the lid, after which you will get the flat top and the rim. Take the flat top then place it on scrap piece of wood and hammer the nail into the center of the flat top. This is needed to make a hole for screwing the lid to the underneath of the shelf. Then, place the flat top inside the rim.

By now you probably already know where to place Mason jars: perhaps outdoors under some shelving unit. Take the jars to that spot and screw in the lid to the underside of the shelf. Now your hanging Mason jar storage is practically ready, you just need to place the stuff you want to store there. However, when opening the lid, be careful and hold the Mason jar. The tutorial is originally made by Shannon Quimby via HGTV.


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