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Hallway Lighting

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Hall was often used as a storage room for boxes with different home “belongings”, and as a space with multiple mezzanines. Modern interiors suggest extension of the living space using hallways. Light fixtures in the hallway become decorative elements.

How to Choose Lighting for Hallway

Lighting in the hallway

Lighting in the hallway

It is convenient to locate hall fixtures near the most functional places: near the shelves with shoes; cabinets with outerwear; near mirrors that help visually enlarge small hallways.

With this approach, hallway lights will be very helpful. Also you should correctly place hallway lights directly in the furniture, where you keep everything you need. In this case you will not have to spend time for annoying and hurried searching before you go out.

Fixtures for the hallway may look like ceiling lights for home, or serve as a distinctive element, which delimits one territory from another. Some people prefer to create an interior design in one style for the whole apartment. They can turn their home into a merchant’s living room or the rooms of Victorian era. Other people are more impressed with the variety of styles. While moving around the apartment you can get in medieval France or London of times of Sherlock Holmes. And ceiling lights for the house will play one of the defining roles. A fireplace in Classic English style can hardly be illuminated by chandeliers with ruffles and butterflies.

Lighting in the hallway

Lighting in the hallway

Ceiling light can perfectly organize the space at the top of the room, but in case if it will harmonize with the design we have below the ceiling. And try to move away from the standard practice of using the lighting scheme on the basis of “one plus two”. It means that there is one central and two lateral chandelier lamps.

Ceiling lights for home should not be too bright, as, for example, for an office. They must be adjusted and be in the color “tandem” with the surrounding environment.


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