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Halloween Wreath Ideas

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Halloween is coming, and is your porch ready for it? If not, stick around for some amazing DIY Halloween wreath ideas, that would definatelly turn your house into a spooky abode…

Spooky Wreath Designs

One of the greatest ways to greet Halloween is to make a wreath for your front door. Here we would discuss several spooky wreath designs that you can make yourself, because DIY stuff is less expensive and much more fun!
First idea is to make a black wreath with a skull. For this project you will need: foam wreath, a feather boa, black spray paint, branches & leaves, tacky glue, skull, a thick ribbon. First spray paint the foam wreath. Then you need to apply the black boa with the hot glue gun. Next step is in placing the other decorative objects: the skull, the branches and leaves. Actually it can be positioned anyway you like it, tacky glue with help you with that. So your wreath is ready!
Another awesome idea is the wriggling snake wreath! For this project you would need: Black acrylic paint, vinyl snakes, floral wire, Black water-based spray paint, grapevine wreath. First step is painting the grape wreath with water based spray paint and snakes. When everything is dry, attach the ghastly creatures to the wreath by sort of twisting them into the wire, securing them in the back of the wreath, or just wrap the snakes if possible. And it is done!
The last, but not the least is the simplest black ribbon wreath. For this project you will need: foam wreath form, black grosgrain ribbon, Scissors and Measuring tape. First cut the ribbons, you will need 45-50 16″ pieces. Now start attaching the ribbons to the wreath by tying knots. Once your wreath is full of ribbons, cut a ribbon for hanging the wreath and trim all the ends if necessary, and it is done! Yes, that was so simple!


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