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Halloween Window Decor

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It is Halloween pretty soon, and you desperately need to decorate your windows? Well, then this is a post for you, because here we would discuss some popular ideas and perhaps even provide some tips on decorating!

Halloween DIY Window Decor

What if not the windows are the eyes of your house and some say that the eyes are a gateway to the soul. So is your soul ready for Halloween? How about decorating your windows to greet the holiday? Of course there are tons and millions of the stickers available in online shops, but don’t you think that making your own decor is much more fun? The idea is pretty simple, you just need to figure out who is going to guard your windows and make their shapes out of cardboard. Then you just need to attach this figures on the inside of your window. It is also awesome to make them dark, because this way the silhouettes would stand out against the illuminated window.
Another great idea is to decorate your windows with spiderwebs. For the spiderweb version you
would need: black yarn (black looks better when illuminated by the brighter color at night and it looks great at daytime), scissors, scotch tape. Now you will need to cut the yarn and tape some parts of it to the window frame and start overlapping the yarn, making it resemble the cobwebs. Then take your patience to knit the cobweb and once it is done, add a little black spider as well to add realism to the picture. These are just few ideas on how to decorate your windows for Halloween, get inspired and create!

Halloween Window Decor Inspiration

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