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Halloween Lantern ideas

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Halloween is closer and closer, with its spooky hands crawling to you! Here are some Halloween inspired lantern ideas to guide your way through the darkness!

Halloween Lighting Decor

One of the greatest ideas to get ready for Halloween is to get into halloween inspired crafts. This day we discuss some lighting decor ideas to make you interior appropriate to Halloween!
First in our list would the the gothic lace candle holders. This project is so simple you won’t believe your eyes! You will need some black lace, glass votives, candles, a sewing kit and that is all! Glass votive with a candle inside should be wrapped around with black lace, and secured with some sewing skills. As easy as that, but you instantly get that spooky lantern!
Another project is the mummy lantern, you will need small balloons, plaster cloth, cooking spray, small LED tealights, a pin and scissors. First you will need to blow a small ballon, then apply a thin coat of cooking spray and lay on the paper mache material. It is important to make some empty spots, to achieve a rugged mummy effect. When the paper mache is dry, remove the balloon and insert the tealight by removing and adjusting the “cover” of the lantern. To minimize the harm, use LED lights. Yet, one of the most popular ideas is to cover with Halloween decor the actual lantern. Create, experiment and have fun!

Halloween Lantern Inspiration

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