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Garage Makeover Tips

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If you have a spare garage that is used as a shed, and if you wonder how to use that space more creative, perhaps this post is for you. This post will tell you the necessary tips on Garage Makeover that will help to use that space more effectively.


Garage Remodeling Ideas

Some of us are the lucky owners of the extra space, which is not used appropriately. Garage for some people became a place where they keep all their junk, which would not be thrown away, yet cannot be of any use anymore. Let’s skip the compulsive hoarding part, where one keeps things one does not need, and concentrate on the abstract garage that can be remodeled for another purpose, and this is what this post is about. So if you have an extra space, such as garage, and want to have a makeover, stick around.

If you have firmly decided to have a garage makeover, and your car would not complaint, then here is what you would have to do. The logical start is the actual cleaning, but of course it is too much to ask for a first time. But, be realistic about it. Dedicate a day, a week, but get this done, because you can’t have a makeover when you still have the old forgotten lawnmower, lurking somewhere in the back. A good idea for a start is to move everything outside, regardless of its meaning and stage of decomposition. When all the stuff will faces the sun, you can sort things out.

The next step is to clean the garage, and this can be done in any sequence as you please. The walls, the corners, the floor and even the ceiling should be cleaned up! A nice tip for cleaning out the stain on the floor is to use dry cat litter, because it can absorb the oil stains. However, if the stains are really old, the cat litter won’t help you, try pressure washing. When your garage is nice and clean, the second part of the makeover is to think of space remodeling. What would you like it to be? A gym, an extra study room, maybe your private library, perhaps a storage with better storing equipment?


While you ponder, here is a story of Natalie Wright, and her garage. She has remodeled her garage into a fancy art studio. She personalized her art studio to the maximum, by including all the inspirational items in the walls, floor, just about everywhere. Her white painted walls visually expand the space, and the neat crafty details make it cozy and nice.


But, if this inspiration is not an option here is another one, where the garage has been remodeled into a little house. Designed by Knott Architects and owned by Darren Issac, the garage went through a magnificent makeover. Apparently the garage was enormous, because the house has a big space living room, with upstairs library, a bedroom and a study room, not to count a bathroom. Michele de la Vega has achieved the same result with her small garage; she turned into a nice house. So, go for the inspiration, remodel your garage into your own needs and aspirations.

Garage Makeover Inspiration


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