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Frames With Purpose

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Do you have stuff that you can’t organize or use? Well, learn how to use these objects in interior here, because today we discuss how to use frames with purpose!

Using Frames in Decor

Have you noticed recently that you have a lot of little items that you no longer use, but not ready yet to give up? Or perhaps you have some meaningfull kitchenware that is rusty, but yet it is too valuable to throw away? Stick around, for we are going to discuss some DIY frame ideas!
Let’s start through sorting, what are the things you want to include into your interior? Are there any specific suggestions? For inspiration, consider the following project: the old kitchenware used as decor elements in the frames. You’ll need vintage kitchen appliances, tiny nails and frames without glass. If your frame is with glass, remove it first! Now attach the tools with the nails to the wall and polish it with a frame. You artwork is done, and it is especially nice if these tools were your grann’s.
Next project we dive into concentrates on framing tv sets and keys, as they are somewhat similar in procedure. Pick a frame, or use the one you have, or make you own: in either cases make sure that your frame is bigger than the tv. Of course framing tv is best done with the flat screen mounted to the wall. The procedure is the same, except for you don’t have to nail tv set. Now, when framing the keys, that is a bit different! You’ll need a frame, screw hooks, a screw driver. The procedure is very easy as you need to mount the frame to the wall with hooks already attached! This way your keys would be positioned on one spot and never get lost!
Now, the third idea is to use frames as a mini succulent garden on the wall.You will need picture frame of the size you want, a large piece of Chicken Wire, wood strips, a sheet of oak plywood, a bunch of nails, a can of varnish spray, cactus soil and a lot of small succulents. First you would need to apply 4 coats of varnish spray, then attach chicken wire to the frame with staple. Next step is to secure wood strips on the sides of the frame with nails. To prevent soil from falling out, put some moss first on the chicken wire and then put some cactus soil. Secure with nails and plywood the whole composition and the last step is to attach the succulents to the soil. And your mini vertical garden is done! Of course there are many more ideas on how to use frames, so be creative and don’t be scared to try something new!

Framig Inspiration


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  1. C Ringsted
    January 21, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing my framed succulent garden with your readers! I’d really appreciate if you’d link back to my original tutorial in your post. Please be mindful of giving credit, for intellectual property and hard work, where credit us due.

    Kind Regards,
    Courtney Ringsted