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Egg Crafts for Easter

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Easter is coming soon, and we still have time to enjoy making the decorative egg crafts! Today we are going to review several amazing crafts, which can be made with your kids or by yourself just in time for Easter!

eggs crafts

DIY Easter Crafts

One of the greatest parts of celebrating Easter is to make the awesome crafts, and what are the most popular themes for this holiday? That’s right – eggs and bunnies, and lots of bright colors! So, today we are going to focus on crafts , which are all about eggs, and lots of colors, starting with this simple project via Fortheloveof.

egg crafts

It is a rather simple project, you will need: a dozen of eggs, some planting soil, and grass seeds – as easy as that! You will need to crack the eggs on top, really gently, then wash away the insides of the eggs. Then, place some soil into the eggs, just a little bit would be enough. Add a little a few seeds into each egg and then again place some soil over the top of the seeds. Don’t forget to water the seeds regularly, until you see the results. Place them in direct sunlight, so your seeds will get enough warmth. This project can also be used as a card holders on the Easter family dinner.

eggs crafts

The next project is going to be loved by your kids! It is a special egg like container for candy! It was made initially by Torie Jayne. For this project you need to have: transparent eggs, Lace tape, Jelly beans/small candy and a ribbon. So, first step is to wash the eggs, because you are going to use it as a candy container! The project is rather simple, however, very cheerful. You need to wrap the line of washi tape around the bottom half of the egg and then wrap the lace around. Once this is done, this is a major part of the project, next is to simply fill the eggs with jelly beans! Make sure they are colorful and yummy. Enjoy your crafty mood for Easter!


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