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DIY Wine Storage Ideas

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There are many ways of creating a personal wine storage, if not cellar. Old furniture, vintage wine racks and old discarded junk can have all potentional to become a wine storage unit. With some redecorating and repurposing a simple wine storage can be created from crates, pallets, boxes, mailing tubes, industrial pipes, old cans, trunks, cabinets, barrels, wood logs and pieces and other.

Crates & Pallets

Oh, what would we do without them? Crates and pallets are perfect for storing wine. The wooden wine boxes can be pretty too and add rustic feel to the house decor. Milk crates can as well make for great wine storage. Crates can be easily stacked to create spacious storage while pallets can be fixed to the wall to create a wine shelf.


Consider giving an old cabinet a makeover before throwing away. Add a metal wine rack to the cabinet and voila, hidden wine storage is ready. The same can be done with old storage boxes or side tables.

Old Barrels

Old wine barrel will add an interesting touch to the decor. It can be slightly remade into a wine cabinet. Cutting out a door in the barrel’s body and adding a shelf to it can be challenging but you can ask a friend or hire someone to do it.

It isn’t necessary to have a wine cellar. Wine can be stored in the kitchen, under stairs, in the hallway, in the dining or living rooms. Look for corners and nooks to set a wine storage there and see if you can do the wine rack yourself.


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