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DIY Wall Clock

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Do you just love DIY stuff in your house? It is fun, easy and relatively cheap and most important it is very self rewarding. So if you like DIY, follow this post on making a wall clock out of handy items!

Handmade clock

Never thought that clock would be so much fun in making, and so easy! Of course this is not the Swiss clock we are making, but our own version. The first variation of the wall clock would be the romantic type out of a ceiling medalion, those pretty things on the ceiling that cover up the wires. For the procedure, you would need ceiling medalion, a clock mechanism and AA battery, larger sized clock hands (fancy ones), spray paint, a power drill and drill bits, a paintbrush. The next step is drilling the hole in the center of the medalion, after which you should apply a layer of coat to the medalion and the clock hands. In this case, the clock hands are black with white medalion, but really it is up to you. Now it is time to insert clock mechanism to the back of the medalion to the drilled hole. Then the easiest part, when you attach the clock hands and the fancy wall clock is ready!
There are so many different variations on how to do the DIY wall clock, you just need to figure out the type you want. There is one particularly easy to do – it is a paper plate wall clock! Yes, a simple paper plate with a clock mechanism behind it. How neat is that! Now, it is not the most enduring clock, but you can change the plates so often and it won’t cost you thing!

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