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DIY Vintage Crate Storage

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At times we are perplexed with the organizing all the little tiny stuff that we have, and some handy DIY storage solutions would be of course of great help. Here we present some stylish vintage storage ideas to keep you organized, by showing you the great example of this wonderful DIY Vintage Crate!

Vintage Storage Solutions

So, if you have so much stuff and so little time and resources, or generally like doing stuff yourself and in vintage style, this is a perfect starting point! Let’s do the simplest project that will help you keep in stock bigger objects such as books. The DIY vintage crate storage is a really simple starting project, that will help you set the mood for being crafty! For this project you will need some sort of crate, a simple rope and some additional vintage decorations, such as the vintage books, vintage label and some mod podge.
So, if you happen to have some old vine crate, that of course would be perfect, however if you have the regular cheap crate the vintage look can be achieved. In case the wood is too good looking and outright new, which means definitely not vintage you will need to stain it. Notice the yellowish color on the picture, well, it is because it is in oak variation of stain. Of course if you prefer darker colors, you should opt for that. So, while the stain dries, look around for other items.
If you wish to decorate your crate with some vintage sticker, which you can find online and print out on the sticky paper, or just attach the label with glue to the crate, or Mod Podge. Now, to add some vintage charm, attach the cute strong rope, which also needs to be handy. So, while you think that, you will need to mark the place where you will need to drill the holes for the rope.
Make sure that you are using a long rope, long enough to make knots at the end of the rope, which will help to retain the ropes in their spots. The DIY vintage crate storage is perfect for storing any big items, such as these lovely antique books!


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