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DIY Vintage Bottles

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Bottles, if not thrown away immediately can add certain charm to your shelves, mantles and such. How about making your ordinary bottles to vintage charming containers, if of course you didn’t throw them away!

Making Vintage Charm from Bottles

Bottles can be grim, bottles can be fun decorating with, especially if you are making them unique with your own hands! One of the issues you will face when making things look unique in vintage is that you need to make them look old, when in reality, they are not that old. Another way to add vintage charm to the new item is to use vintage attributes, such as labeling and additional decorating. So, in this project we will focus on that!
If you are using clear glass containers, with funky cork cap first thing you should do is to age the glass. Well, it is not necessary to use all the Martha Stewart accessories, but certainly you will need some paint, twine, any items you think are appropriate for decorating, such as buttons, lace, and etc., some mod podge and if you want also food coloring, to add the “aged” look to the bottle. Mix the food coloring with the mod podge and paint the glass containers, aka future vintage bottles, adding several layers, but not too dark – we still need them clear! While the bottles are getting dry, you should think of choosing a label that would suit your needs, or probably you can even make one!
You can also add some glitter and age the edges of the label paper as well, but this might take extra time. Additional decorations, such as lace and buttons should be attached if you want them attached. Alternatively, you can just stick with the opaque bottles, that will have the unique label! If you are going to use the bottles for storage, of let’s say – spices, then labeling should not only be antique, but also appropriate, and the bottles should be somewhat transparent. If you are wondering on where to use these awesome vintage bottles ,there are several applications – mantles, shelving units, kitchen tables, well you got the idea!

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