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DIY Tornado Shelter

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If you live in an area that is prone to tornado threats, it is essential to have a tornado shelter where you can hide during that threat. Follow this post to make a DIY tornado shelter with your own hands.

Building DIY Tornado Shelter

Tornado Shelters

Berm Design

You might already know that there are two types of tornado shelters, one being underground, the other being above ground shelter. There is another type of a shelter that is called a berm, which is a type hidden mostly underground with an exposed roof. The underground shelters are relatively cheaper to build than the above-ground ones, as these are usually quite expensive and fancy.

DIY Tornado Shelter: Berm

In order to make a berm you will need to excavate the soil for as much space as you need and make the base in concrete. Of course for this project you need to know how to work with concrete. Make sure to reinforce the walls with wire mesh. The roof can be made from wood and covered with plywood. Make sure to install a steel framed door also made from metal.

DIY Tornado Shelter: Underground

The underground type can be located outside the house or it can be in the cellar. If the shelter is underground you need to excavate the pit for the shelter first. It is essential to take into account the space for a staircase when you think of the size of a shelter. Pour the concrete base and make sure that your walls are waterproof by using waterproof covering. Don’t forget about ventilation openings. The roof of your shelter should be able to withstand about 200 lbs. per square foot.

Tornado Shelters

Safe Room Design

DIY Tornado Shelter: Above-Ground

This shelter should be located either outside of the house, or in the ground floor of the house. The safe room should be able to stand through the storm, therefore, it should be anchored well enough. Make sure that the doors, walls and ceiling are made from concrete or sheet metal so that they can be sturdy enough. The safe room within a house should not be built upon the walls of the house, so that if the house construction will fall, the room will be safe.

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