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DIY Subway Art

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If you live in a big city, with a huge underground system, and you are in love with the urban lifestyle, you probably like the huge subway art pieces, which you daily meet on the way to work? Well how about making your own subway art, right here and right now with everything that you have!

Handmade Subway Art

If you are in love with the big city you live in, or dream of living in, subway art is a great way to express this love! Here is an easy tutorial on making your love a statement by following this simple DIY subway art tutorial. For this project you will need: some plywood cut to rectangles, black and white acrylic paint, some smaller strips for the slats, some more strips, sandpaper, glue, mod podge and some inspiration!

First you will need prepare the boards, where your subway art would be placed. Take the plywood boards and distress them, which can be done real easy. Start with applying one coat of white paint to the edges and sides of the composite wood signs/slats. Then using candle rub it to the wood slabs edges, but of course this should be done once the white paint is dry. Then, again paint it all black and once it is dry, sandpaper the slabs using the grit sandpaper to sand the edges of the slats. Next step is to make the street signs and this is a really tricky part. The street signs can be made using MS word or stencils. The easiest way is to do them with stencils, and for making stencils you will need vinyl cutter. Alternatively, you can make the street signs by cutting out each letter individually out of a sticky paper and then arrange the words of the street signs unto the board. After each sign is arranged you can paint the board black.

If you are sticking with the first choice of making street signs with additional wood strips, you need to make sure that you have the support for strips, also painted black. These are the little strips which will support your “street signs”. Last step will be attaching the street signs to the plywood, using the glue gun. Enjoy your personal subway art in your house!


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