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DIY: Stairway Decoration In Moroccan Style

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Want to make your ordinary staircase to become an exceptional accent in the interior of the house? Then get some paint and brushes out of your garage – today you will learn how to decorate a staircase in a Moroccan style. If you love patterns, color, and you’re open to new experiments then this project is for you.

This master class combines two popular styles – ombre effect (blue paint’s tone changes from darker to lighter) and the use of intricate patterns in the decoration.

moroccan style staircase

What You Will Need:

  • pattern stencils
  • interior paint
  • brushes
  • plates
  • spray adhesive
  • masking tape
  • sandpaper

patter stencils


Step 1: Plaster your staircase and apply the base paint. Feel free to use a small roller and brush for this one. Don’t forget to seal the area that you don’t want to be painted with a masking tape. Once the paint dries, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of glue on the back of the stencil only on the area around the pattern making sure the stencil is tightly secured to the surface, otherwise the pattern may become blurred. Don’t use too much of the glue, you can even mix it with a small amount of water. If the idea of glue seems too risky, use masking tape to secure the stencil.

Step 3: Apply the paint using a thick brush with a blunt end or a small sponge dipped in paint. If the stencil is adhered tightly to the surface, you will have no problem with any spades outside the framework of the pattern. But still apply the paint carefully and smoothly. Since the brush may accidentally slip beyond the pattern under the stencil, it is better to use a sponge so the edges of the pattern would be clear, and the paint would apply evenly.

paint on a staincils

Step 4: Apply several layers of the paint to get a desired tone, use a paper plate to mix colors and get rid of the remaining paint on the brush or sponge.

Just like this, an ordinary staircase becomes an original accent in your home interior.


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